The projects that will be carried out within this Chair come under the following lines of research:

Health education

  • Empowerment of family members and carers through health education according to the health literacy model. In this unit, elderly people and those with chronic illnesses are helped to adapt to changes in their conditions and new treatments.
  • Health education aimed at the general population.
  • Learning methodologies.

Training for healthcare professionals

  • Professional competences.
  • Patient safety: teaching patient safety culture to nursing students.
  • Management of medication: safe management of medication by students and nursing professionals.
  • Learning methodologies: in the simulation laboratory, active learning methodologies.
  • Nursing student leadership: acquisition of leadership competences among nursing students 1) as part of the Nursing degree at UIC Barcelona and 2) through placements at AIDIR; a teaching and research unit led by students.

Nursing leadership

This line of research aims to empower nurses in order to increase their leadership, in particular:

  • Studying nursing and caring for people.
  • Decision-making in health care training.
  • Safe management of pharmaceuticals and non-pharmacological treatment.
  • Chronic patients from a carer perspective.

Empowerment of chronic patients and their loved ones

This line of research addresses ways of empowering patients with chronic illnesses to increase their autonomy in:

  • Activation of patients, carers and family members in health education through nursing leadership.
  • Management and safety of their treatments and health and/or illness.