Nursing, as a service profession, focuses on caring for people’s health, bearing in mind the socioeconomic, cultural, political, demographic, public health and scientific or technical changes that come together to allow us to develop as individuals and in cooperation with others.

In these changing times, nurses need to adapt to their context and also respond to changes by taking on a leadership role in the care of patients. The decision-making and responsibility that this involves must be carried out with respect for scientific knowledge, and the established levels of quality and safety.

This quality of care depends greatly on the skills of healthcare professionals. Consequently, the mission of this chair is to ensure that professionals have the necessary skill set for safe and effective practice.

The vision of the chair is to foster research and teaching with a positive impact for students of UIC Barcelona’s nursing degree, healthcare professionals and the populations they care for.

Furthermore, we aim to improve the general population’s understanding of health and healthy habits, as well as patient’s knowledge of their illness in order to empower them and give them greater autonomy in managing their illness, particularly chronic illnesses.